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Skinali for the kitchen
Skinali for the kitchen It is not enough for a modern person to have his house as functional as possible. He thinks about how to make his living space also cozy, so that he would like to constantly come back and spend time there. Therefore, interior solutions are important for every inhabitant. When setting up a kitchen, this issue is also important. Cover the wall with tiles, clapboard or plastic - everyone has a question. And so does the majority, but everyone want to become individual in their decision. In addition, it is very important that the material is easy to maintain and boasts moisture and temperature resistance. Designers have found a solution to this problem. They offer glass skins for the kitchen glass cutting shop near me. In the modern century, experts have developed high-quality glass materials that not only become stronger, but also, if damaged, do not crumble into many fragments throughout the room. The question remains where to find an inexpensive safety glass product in Russia. Glass Mirror has an answer. We offer to buy from us a glass apron for your kitchen. Our company has been working with glass for many years and makes constructions from it according to the order of our clients. You can order or buy beautiful skins for the kitchen in the online store. There are photographs of completed works, as well as samples. On the Glass Mirror website you will find an interesting interior solution directly from the manufacturer. You can also see reviews of our work in a separate section of the site. We will glaze your kitchen wall with high quality and safe material. Advantages of Glass Mirror: •\tWe can visualize your project using 3D technologies and you will be sure that you are buying the right product; •\tOur specialist will come to the object free of charge, estimate the scope of work, and will also take all the necessary measurements, if they are not there; •\tWe work with a glass supplier from England and already in Russia we manufacture goods for your home; •\tWe deliver and install the product within 5 days within the Moscow Ring Road. We calculate delivery individually for regions; •\tWe work with various types of calculation. We also serve budget organizations that are accredited on the suppliers' website. Which skins are better for the kitchen? Tempered glass is the best base for skinning. An image of any complexity can be applied to it, and it is distinguished by enviable durability. Tempered glass is five times stronger than normal shower partition dubai. It does not crack under its own weight, is not afraid of accidental shocks and changes in temperature and moisture. According to the manufacturers, tempered glass is very difficult to break. It is quite capable of withstanding the weight of a person and even a direct blow. More budget options - skinned from plastic and hardboard. However, not all images can be applied to them. Compared to glass, they look rustic and are much less resistant to negative external influences. Do I need to level the walls before installing skinals? Yes, if the curvature of the walls is very significant. If not, you can limit yourself to one layer of plaster or immediately mount the panels on the wall. An important point is that the skins are installed at the end of the kitchen renovation, only after the assembly of the kitchen set is completed. Tempered glass cannot be “tweaked”. For example, make additional holes in it. Therefore, every millimeter matters here. How are skinned in the kitchen? The most common way of mounting skinnails is the so-called through-type fasteners. Glass panels are "pinned" to the wall. In this case, the attachment points of the skin are masked with special decorative "heads" that protrude above the surface of the glass panel. Another option is hinged fasteners. With this method, the panels are pressed against the wall. The most inconspicuous option is the one in which the skins are fixed with good modern silicone-based glue. But the glue must be of really high quality in order to securely fix the panels and not leave marks. The finished glass apron is installed very quickly. In most cases, panels of standard sizes are assembled in about an hour. For more details: