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SKULLCAP . . . . indispensable tech or crippling nightmare? . . . . vital appendage or drug-like crutch? REJUVENATION . . . . gateway to eternal life or doorway to never-ending bondage? . . . . game-changing advance or shackle forged from hardened steel? SLAVE CAMP #5, DOMTAR PROVINCE, VENUS . . . . final resting place for an expendable drone or launchpad to a new horizon? ESCAPE TO FREEDOM . . . . impossible dream or the only true reality? Three planets, three lifetimes. A boy, a man, a slave. What begins with a future constricted by mind-numbing tentacles ends in a faraway dungeon walled-in by a barrier of writhing jungle. Tech that might have been a source of incalculable power becomes instead a tool that suffocates personal freedom.

Review from the prestigious


Steven Burgauer writes old style science fiction in which heroes and villains are easily identified, the action is fast and furious, and the plot twists and turns uncontrollably.  His newest is the story of a crack team of military specialists who discover that the brilliant but warped Cassandra Mubarak is planning to use advanced scientific devices to seize control of the world.  To stop her, they must infiltrate her heavily guarded headquarters and rescue the fair maiden in distress.

This is action adventure written straightforwardly and not meant to be heavily literary or provide pithy commentary on the state of humanity.

Don D'Ammassa

Science Fiction Chronicle

June 2001