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Skyam Aatis : Gaijin In Japan
The story is based around two young guys from very different backgrounds who were thrown together by their boss because of their recent lack of perfection; they weren't able to meet their targetted figure of 2,000,000 yen per skyam for two straight weeks by tricking the elderly. The idea that a free roll of toilet paper was all it took to achieve the above figure is mind boggling to most regular people. However, it was a very achievable task for anyone who worked for their company. One of the two devised a wicked skyam to topple the boss of the organisation they worked for while taking revenge for his co-worker who despised him to the bone. And the other lost his “breath” at the hands of a beautiful young girl. I guess he should have left his urge for his favorite alcohol at home that fateful day. Brace yourselves for a jaw-dropping experience from the world of skyam in the life of the lead characters, Jun and Tomo, based in Japan.