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Sleeping Between the Rails: A Woman's Odyssey

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

Sleeping Between the Rails: A Woman's Odyssey is a true story that traces two perilous interwoven journeys - the external vagabonding one, through thirty-two countries, and the internal one based on her passion for an uncommon life and her self-abandonment for love. Taking a freighter to meet a former boyfriend in Spain, she begins with him an odyssey of five and a half years, hitchhiking, or traveling third or abominable class. On the journey, suffused with ridiculous risk, Carroll must question all she thought she knew about herself and the world.

By Rose Sand on January 28, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

The heartfelt saga swept me away to another time, other lands, other cultures, and I'll forever feel changed. As a woman growing of age at the same time as the author, my journey was very different. Yet, I feel a kindred spirit and I feel as though I saw the world through her eyes. "Sleeping Between the Rails" is a must read for those who have wandered and wondered. I wish I could have taken this odyssey with Carroll Devine, but in the stories in her book I feel I have. Female and males, young and older, will find themselves as Carroll does in this odyssey.