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Sockfoot Soldier
Fresh out of college, Cosette Haugen lands herself in an adult psychiatric ward. Faced with the grim reality of modern inpatient wards, she struggles to maintain sanity in a place where conditions are, according to one patient, worse than prison. During her stay, she meets women engaged with their own battles—with themselves, their circumstances and the hospital system. Together they endure everything from booty shots and bewilderment to boredom and bingo.  This is a story told with uncensored detail that will have you aching, seething and laughing alongside the women of the 15th floor ward. From initial intake to final discharge, and with generous doses of wit, Cosette provides a lucid view into the shortcomings of mental healthcare in America and invites readers to challenge their assumptions about depression and anxiety. Between the wild antics, you will find vulnerable reflections, lessons in empathy and perhaps the words to help you break the ice with your loved ones.