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Kent Walker
Soldier of the Secret Wars
Kent Walker, author
When young Milton Stack leaves his family farm for a job in the city with the great Clarence Darrow, his biggest concerns are passing the bar and figuring out just how close he wants to get to Darrow's lovely niece. But Hitler's power is on the rise in Europe, and Stack has hardly had time to adjust to city life when he is whisked off by the winds of war, recruited to work as eyes for US intelligence efforts inside the German embassy in Berlin. There's not much time for spy training, but with a little help from none other than a young Jack Kennedy, Stack is soon ready to play the part. In Berlin, he develops a network of trusted allies amid a web of powerful players: ambassadors, Nazi brass, double agents--and a very suspicious assassin who just happens to save Stack's life. Stack and his associates work across Europe, risking everything to track down secrets that will help bring a halt to the spread of the Third Reich. After the war, Stack steps in to help shape ongoing US and international intelligence efforts. His established contacts and war-honed skills will serve him well for years to come--particularly when his old friend Jack Kennedy is killed. Stack will be on the front lines to bring justice to a familiar assassin who Stack believes was behind the president's assassination.
Webb Hubbell, Author

"Tom Clancy was asked once about the difference between non-fiction and great fiction. He said, fiction must be real and believable. You certainly accomplished that. Congratulations, you should be very proud."

--Webb Hubbell, Author