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Songs of Thalassa: Songs of the Universe Book 1
Set late in the 21st century where sporting competitions take place on distant planets, Songs of Thalassa centers around Hawaiian pro-surfer Sage Thompson. After an accident claims her career and nearly takes her life, Sage is at a crossroads. Still mourning her astronaut father's death on a mission, a tragedy she might be able to put behind her with the help of her fans—if they still believed in her—she's not sure what to do, where to go, or how to move on. But when her nemesis Milo challenges her to a contest on the ocean planet of Thalassa – the asteroid and tsunami ravaged world that stole her father – she'll discover that she not only has what it takes to win, but once she hears the songs of Thalassa, winning might not be the most important thing. The waves on Thalassa are based on what science predicts for low-gravity planets. Big wave surfing, and the race to ride the largest wave, currently at 80 feet is of global interest. Songs of Thalassa will appeal to fans of Island of the Blue Dolphins, The Martian, and Contact. And though Songs of Thalassa is packed with tons of fantasy fiction, it is also full of real science. To write Songs of Thalassa, Dr. Tissot referenced over 60 books, a dozen films and more than 100 scientific publications and includes a glossary in the back. But it isn’t just science and space – Songs of Thalassa features a moving story of a young woman on a journey of self-discovery struggling to develop a sense of place and connections between herself, her culture, and the universe on a new ocean planet.