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Jody Walker
Sophie, Milo and the Great Change
Jody Walker, author
Willabees have been with us for a long time. Their story begins when Sophie and her brother, Milo, discover the Magic Clay. Sophie dreams her little creatures to life with her potter’s hands and her kind heart and Milo gifts their minds with the ability to think and to reason. Things go along quite well for all 
these new, fun loving creatures until....until.... well, that you must discover for yourself. But when you step into their crazy, mixed up world, you’ll meet a little willa named 
Eshon and you’ll be there when he make an amazing discovery that changes everything!


In terms of mystery and beauty and love. It is told as an allegory of Sophie ...

A charming story of us as humans and our total connection to each other and to all life all around us and to the earth terms of mystery and beauty and love. It is told as an allegory of Sophie and Milogos creating a world of clay figures called Willabees, who are complete with feelings and toughts and love and sharing. But it becomes a different world when the Willabees forget their creators and live for themselves until they discover the wonder of love all around them. A beautiful way for parents and teachers to introduce children (7-10) to a creation story that encourages them that they belong to creating powers greater than themselves, and to live with wonder and love, belonging to each other and to the Earth we live in. Very readable with lovely illustrations.

Amazon Customer Review

Beautifully written and vividly illustrated

Beautifully written and vividly illustrated, this wonderful children's book is full of wisdom and thoughtful wonder about the the highly relational and processual world in which we live. It is both contemplative and ethical in the best ways possible, with a focus on the power of love and the relationship that we as humans have with the living environment around us.