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Marilyn Lee
Soul: Inspirations Breathed Through My Heart
Marilyn Lee, author
It is easy to lose one's drive in life in times of distress, and at this time in history, distress abounds. It does not only come from one’s personal dilemma, it can come from outside forces such as news, politics, society’s expectations, and more. How does one carry on with their journey in life when it seems negativity comes at them left and right? Through inspirations—one carries on with life through inspirations. These can come from anywhere as well, starting with one’s own thoughts and intentions. Spiritual growth and enlightenment can come to a person if the person lets it, if the person is open to the idea that even with the negative events going on in life, there are inspirations. Although the world is going on too fast, with people getting busier by the minute, there are unseen powers lurking in a person that could change the way they go through with their lives. Soul: Inspirations Breathed Through My Heart is a book filled with words of encouragement and motivation for souls that are feeling the burden of their challenges.