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Speaking Through Your Heart : How to Improve Your Relationships With Loving Communication Skills
The saying goes, “No man is an island,” and in any language, this can be understood. Man is social by nature, and so people build relationships with one another. Relationships can help bring out the best in people. But sometimes, some relationships can be detrimental to some people. And while some relationships grow stronger in time, others just fade slowly, sometimes violently, and then they end. Some people move on, some don’t—or couldn’t. Like all living things that grow, relationships need nurturing too. And it can start with one’s response to things that happen within the relationship. Speaking Through Your Heart: How to Improve Relationships with Loving Communication Skills is a book of guidelines that could help improve relationships with a partner, family, friends, and with others. That even though being in any type of relationship, one should think not only of their own “self,” the author encourages to check on one’s “self” when it comes to perception and emotional response to events that happen in the relationship. Because while you cannot control how things go in a relationship, you can control your attitude in addressing these events and boost the drive to go forward—and these are some of the steps needed for the relationship’s growth. As the biblical passage goes, “Out of the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks.”