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James Hayden, author

Very enjoyable and intriguing read! Twists and turns I most certainly didn’t expect on the way through this adventure. Well written and flows seamlessly throughout. Let’s hope this author writes again.

What's not to like? Spy craft, guns, girls, maths, chemistry, ancient secrets, weapons of war, high tech gadgets, and plot twists galore. You won't believe it until you read it - and I wouldn't read it alone!

SPY CHASE Available on Amazon

"In Spy Chase, James Hayden takes a formula that’s been tried and tested by Dan Brown, turns it on its head and brings in an edge-of-seat thriller based on fact and markedly better than any of Brown’s ... This is a classic thriller ... good, punchy, gritty realism, gloriously exotic locations and chapter endings that leave you hanging … Thrillers don’t come much better than this – huge fun and very entertaining!" (