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Start Again From Scratch: A No-Fail Recipe for Reviving Your Marriage
Laine Craft, author

Adult; Self-Help; (Market)

Start Again from Scratch: A no-Fail Recipe for Reviving Your Marriage takes marriages from desperate to delicious with no-fail recipes for a whole new life! After 17 years of misery, authors Laine and Steve Craft threw out the marital mess they’d made and created a new menu for restoring wedded bliss. Start Again from Scratch contains the real-life, no-fail recipe the Crafts created to revive their failing marriage. Now they want to share it with you. Happily ever after is possible in marriage, even if you’ve spent years planning your divorce. Inside these pages, you’ll find: • Fresh, quality ingredients for a whole new life • New utensils to get your relationship cooking right • Detailed directions that guarantee delicious results!


Marriage Self-Help Read Offers a No-Fail Recipe To Revive and Restore Relationships

Foreword by Duck Dynasty’s Miss Kay & Phil Robertson and Lisa & Alan Robertson

Founder of internationally knownWHOAwomen Magazine, Laine Lawson Craft and her husband Steve prepare to unveil Start Again From Scratch: A No-Fail Recipe for Reviving Your Marriage,  a new inspirational self-help book for couplesUsing the metaphor of cooking to show couples how to add fresh quality ingredients like forgiveness and trust into a new no-fail recipe for a successful marriage, this fresh, innovative, book will be available in stores and on online platforms in May 2015.

Inspired by their own first 17 years of marriage misery, the Crafts share with readers how they threw out the marital mess they made and created a real-life formula to revive a failing relationship.  Written for all couples, but especially for those on the brink of breakup or divorce, the 208-page book offers a refreshing menu of options for a restored relationship, such as:

  • Fresh, quality ingredients for a whole new life
  • Brand new utensils to get every relationship cooking right
  • Detailed directions that guarantee delicious results.
  • Also included are some of Laine’s favorite real-life recipes in hopes that satisfied stomachs will help heal hurting hearts.

Start Again from Scratch also includes a special Foreword written by stars of the hit A&E television series Duck Dynasty, Miss Kay and Phil Robertson and Alan and Lisa Robertson. The Associate Pastor of Lakewood Church, Lisa Osteen Comes has also been vocal about her support for the new read.

Phil and I are living proof that marriages can experience total turnaround. Follow the wonderful recipe Laine and Steve give in Start Again from Scratch, and your marriage can not only survive but thrive.– Miss Kay and Phil RobertsonDuck Dynasty

I have been married for almost 25 years and Start Again from Scratch not only touched my heart deeply, but also reminded me of the things I can do to improve and enjoy our relationship on a daily basis. Laine and Steves story is inspiring and heartfelt, and I love their new, fresh and authentic approach to restoring marriages. It is amazing to see how this couple found a miracle recipe when they made the decision to start over from scratch with each other! I believe this is a must-read for all married couples. Lisa Osteen Comes, Author of You Are Made For More! and Associate Pastor of Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas

If you want to transform your relationship from desperate to downright delicious,Start Again from Scratch gives you just the right tools to do it.-Lisa and Alan RobertsonDuck Dynasty

Steve and Laine Craft are successful entrepreneurs who have been married for 27 years and are the parents of three grown children. Steve and Laine Craft speak around the world and are available for interviews. To submit your request please email

For more information on the Crafts and Start Again From Scratch, please

About Laine Lawson Craft:
Laine Lawson Craft is an author, speaker, and television host whose passion is to inspire and empower women to live transparently and joyfully, pursuing their dreams. An entrepreneur since her college years, Laine launched and led her own advertising agency for 17 years, as well as her own wholesale jewelry company. In 2007 she founded WHOAwomen , which grew into a major franchise encompassing a series of devotions, online study program, quarterly magazine, and local gatherings. Presently, Laine is launching her own personal brand, Livin’ Lively with Laine, inspiring and encouraging everyone to live life to the fullest. Laine is the proud momma of three grown children and has been married to Steve for nearly 30 years, happily married to Steve the last 12 of them. She wants every couple to experience the joy in marriage she has finally found.

About Steve Craft:
Steven H. Craft heads Craft Companies, a conglomerate of more than 50 companies strong that pursue, develop, and manage new, conventional oil and gas fields on-shore along the U.S Gulf Coast. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and pursued further study of carbonate geology in the Master’s program at the University of New Orleans. Steve specializes in seismic supported depositional dynamics through the identification and development of new oil field discoveries, primarily in the Mesozoic section of Mississippi and Alabama. Craft’s efforts have resulted in 34 new field discoveries, 23 of which were generated by Craft and assembled, drilled, and operated by Craft and/or his partners.

Steve also holds a life degree in marriage to speaker, publisher, and personality Laine Lawson Craft, consisting of the first 17 years of struggle and heartache and the past nearly 12 years of wedded bliss and renewal.

Natalie Gillespie

Start Again from Scratch is an amazing story of a marriage that was restored after 17 years of misery! Laine and Steve Craft tell you their own personal story in both of their voices and end each chapter with a life "recipe," a "recipe card" where you can write your own notes, and a real recipe from Laine's kitchen. The book contains a lot of wisdom and practical tips that can make any marriage better! It also carries the cooking theme throughout the book, which makes it unique and fun. My husband and I have been struggling lately after 19 years and 9 kids together, and Start Again from Scratch helped us get back on the same page. Now we're sizzling again! I highly recommend this book to every married couple and even to those considering marriage, but especially to those who want to call it quits or have started the process to do so. You CAN love your spouse again. You CAN learn to start over and have a marriage that is better than it has ever been. The Crafts are living proof. Their marriage turned around more than 10 years ago and they are still going strong. Great book!!!!

Paperback Book Details
  • 9780692413821 0692413820
  • pages
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