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Garry McDougall
Author, Illustrator
Starts With C
An Australian murder mystery turned upside-down, down under. When a corrupt Govt official disappears in an outback town, only Kev plays detective. But at what price? Town police and local crims, Paddy Bourke and the Hard Boys, take a dislike for fiery Aboriginal leader, Billy ,who competes for indigenous leadership with the passionate Mara. Ambitious Cheryl Sheila and Council administrator, 'Humblebum,' have a agendas and plausible denial. We start with a body without a name, and end with a revolt on Australia Day, 1988. There's an indigenous death-in-custody, a riot, three deaths, a Royal Commission and the Riot Squad fighting each other. The mystery is not who-did-it, but who-has-been-murdered, and whose-telling-this-story? And what's the author doing in gaol? Farcical, comic, tragic.