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Stay On Line
I. E. Neil, author
For Bada, being a fan of celebrities was never her thing, yet, when she sees Shin Joon Su on TV she is attracted not to his good look and charming smile. She is attracted to the sadness and loneliness she sees in his eyes. She decides to write to him but unlike other fans she sends him jokes. Every day a joke and she remains anonymous and she expect nothing only hope it will make him smile. Miraculously, he answers her one day and ask her to confirm him as a friend. Bada is a Korean girl living in London and Joon Su is a world star singer who makes millions of hearts in Asia and other parts of the world flutter with excitement over him. Like in a dream Bada don't want to up wake from, they become friends through the internet. With time, they become more and more intimate and without realizing it, Bada is falling in love with her friend whom she never met face to face. Regardless of how close their connection seems to be, Bada feels insecure about her world VS. his. He is surrounded with magnificent, glamorous people and she has the people who work with her at the office, mainly one AJ who only makes her angry whenever she sees him. When Bada and Joon Su encounter some rough waters in their relationship Bada receives help from a most unexpected source. A new friendship helps her get through the rough time and even helps her get closer to Joon Su again. Will she be able to take the relationship to where it was? Does she want to?