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Mae Edwards
Author, Illustrator
Stolen Options
Mae Edwards, author
“Stolen Options” is the story of how she survived the constant moving around from foster home to home, being a plumber in the Air Force, an abusive husband, cancer and beyond. Upon surviving some of the toughest years in an unhealthy marriage, Mae later got remarried, this time to her high school sweetheart. She is now a part of a very loving and successful marriage. She currently resides in Waller, Texas, and as her story tells, enjoys riding her motorcycle with her husband, hiking in the mountains of CO and WY, target shooting, traveling, photography, and making jewelry.
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From the very beginning the author gives a gutsy look at life inside the foster care system. What I appreciate is that with all of the hardship she endured, I didn’t hear her whining about her life but instead read a story of survival and ultimately success.

Even though I have worked within the foster care system for many years, Mae opened my eyes to a side of foster care I had never experienced. She chronicles her life into adulthood and gives hope for anyone that is in the system now.

The author is certainly a survivor. Her background, no doubt, had a lot to do with her success as an adult. I wish everyone who is in foster care or who is a foster parent could read this book.