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Stonehaven: A Romance for the Divine Feminine
Back Cover Text Angelica, just graduated from college and a little unclear about what to do next, decides to get some perspective on her future by going on a yoga retreat at an old estate in the mountains. She soon finds herself drawn into the vortex of an Ancient Mystery of Release from the norms and limits of her old life; a Mystery embedded in a Mythology ever-renewing. Spanning 3500 years and engaging one of the core conflict of our times, Stonehaven explores the Mysteries of Love and the Science of Life, bringing the two realms together in a clash with historical forces of oppression and ignorance. At times startling and funny, Stonehaven carries the reader across rivers of time and space and leaves them on the high banks of the present, with hope for the future. Check out the author’s prizewinning first novel American Siddhi: 2016 Publisher’s Weekly BookLife Quarterfinalist: Steeped in mysticism and metaphysics, Curtis Mitchell's American Siddhi evokes storytellers like Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft at their most high-concept. Through a series of transcribed interviews, a sometimes-sailor named Quinn recounts the supernatural psychic phenomena he is attuned to and his struggles against a secret society out to transform the world. Fueled by visions, Quinn strives to quash a prophecy and preserve mankind's freedom. Briskly-paced and thoroughly researched, Mitchell succeeds where many of his contemporaries fall short: he has crafted a taut supernatural thriller based in real mysticism and philosophy that never feels preachy or gives way to the unnecessary sermons of an autodidact.