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Stories from the Well
Everyone has battles to face in this life. Each one has the potential to make us better or bitter, depending on our attitude and the resources we use to address them. The bigger the battle, the greater the degree of damage it can cause – or the higher the elevation from the victory over it. We often begin from the position of defeat, unable to see the path to triumph. We inherently know there must be a way to overcome it, yet we seem to get bogged down in all too familiar frustrations. We were never meant to fight any of these battles alone. The Good News is we don’t have to. We have a tender-hearted yet powerful Advocate Who has an arsenal of resources, companions and counsel at our disposal. He meets us where we are, challenges our perceptions of each situation, and invites us to take advantage of His storehouse. Stories From the Well is one woman’s journey through several of these battles: questioning her perceptions of God, navigating the aftermath of her parents’ divorce, healing from abortion, struggling with anger issues, learning to trust, and more. Using John Chapter 4 as an allegory, she shares how meeting “the Man at the Well” meant the difference between the shame and defeat she was experiencing and the unqualified hope and certain victory she is overwhelmingly grateful for today. She offers these stories as an invitation to all who want to meet “the man who told me everything I ever did” – and made it possible for her to smile about it!