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Stories in Verses for the Child You Love
Why are cows confusing? Can a dog rub a bee the wrong way? Has a snail ever been a Martian? Much as animals are often present or at hand in the lives of children, the amusing rhymes and illustrations of Stories in Verses for the Child You Love conjure up stuffed animals, household pets, animals seen on visits to zoos and those encountered on nature walks. The book also gives cheerful expression to the joy that children experience at holidays and their zest for seasonal activities. Stories in Verses for the Child You Love captivates the young at heart of all ages. A delightful book for kids and their grownups.
Kirkus Reviews

“In her debut children’s book, Sutherland writes light verse that touches on favorite children’s topics such as animals, nature, and playtime. Subjects include a frog, a spat between animal friends, a fun sailboat, and the zoo.  … “A Dreamy Dialogue” describes how a sleepy child’s stuffed animals get together to discuss the alphabet, each with a favorite: “ ‘A,’ advised the Anteater. / One stuffed Bear roared, ‘B!’ / ‘C,’ cawed the courageous Crow / while Don the Dromedary droned, ‘D.’ ” … the verses can be wonderfully silly, as in “An Awesome Fall”: “Do you know / Who is Witch Who Who? / A friend I knew knew who.” The childlike, color-washed illustrations match well with the content; they mostly depict animals and nature, but the two children shown provide a touch of diversity.”