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Eva Stone
Sudhu Nona: An expat in Sri Lanka - the Good, Bad and Ugly
Eva Stone, author

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

Essential reading for anyone interested in Sri Lanka, keen to seek out adventures, or simply wanting to retire on the teardrop island. Sudhu Nona is a fascinating journey through the urban humdrum, tropical wilderness and cultural traditions of Sri Lanka. Through a series of entertaining anecdotes and informative stories, the book explores the idea of embracing unfamiliar cultures, learning new things, and connecting to the island and people at a deeper level. From fellow expats, corrupt cops, local healers, colourful locals, dodgy politicians, and encounters with local shamans, the reader gets a real picture of what it's like to experience Sri Lanka - warts and all. It is also the perfect primer for anyone interested in pursuing a successful and sustainable lifestyle in a foreign country.