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Sunshine Through the Rain
C.A. Collins, author
Sunshine through the Rain follows Christie Ann Cook, a cynical, wise-beyond-her-years, truth-telling young girl who is coming of age in the Deep South during the civil rights movement, women’s rights, and Roe v. Wade. Christie narrates her story mixing equal measures of drama and humor. She is trying to determine who she is in a home where her mother’s main goal is to turn her into a Southern belle while her father tries to turn her into the boy he always wanted. Guided by Ernestine, the family’s housekeeper/nanny/saint, Christie develops her own ideas of right and wrong, and they aren’t always popular in the racially charged South. Christie takes us through the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, the violent death of Ernestine’s young cousin, and the rape of her college roommate. She desperately tries to make sense of a world that’s gone crazy, realizing in the end each one of us decides our own fate and the right thing and the difficult thing are most often the same thing.