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Les Graham
Surrendering the Reins
Les Graham, author
SYNOPSIS – SURRENDERING THE REINS In the sequel to ‘Jude’s Gentle Giants,’ Jude Bonner continues his maturation in becoming a Godly man. After finishing high school, Jude starts another round of life. Pete and Joe are still his main steeds and Judy Clemons seems to be his girl. Greg Shants is not done with Jude or Pete and Joe. The county fair is where Greg punishes Pete and Joe while Jude is sleeping in a tent. Who saves Pete and Joe from Greg Shants and his evil ways? Pete and Joe survive the onslaught of terror from Greg Shants and go to work with Jude helping build a Timberframe home for Jude and his future bride. Pete and Joe use brute strength to pull many logs out of the woods for Jude’s new dream home. During the Timberframe raising Jude delivers a gold ring to his soon to be wife. Weddings bells are ringing as Pete and Joe haul the wedding party around town. Jude is soon carrying his new bride across the threshold of their new home. Jude continues to have the same nightmare that started back in high school. Greg Shants is still a big part of this never ending dream? Jude and his wife befriend a girl with Down Syndrome named Kelly. Kelly’s best friend is Pete. Pete talks with Kelly with their special language and Kelly and Pete make quite a team during ‘Night of the Martyrs’. Life is full of surprises in the end as Greg Shants is back in the picture. Pete and Joe are asked to pull the heaviest load they have ever been hitched to. Where is Jude their master when they pull this load?