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Surviving Innovation (First Edition)

Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Create)

In Production
Available in 2021

The expectation to innovate is being placed on the shoulders of small business owners, a pressure they probably weren’t anticipating when they launched their business. They went out into the market, found a good idea, raised the capital, and thought, “Fantastic, I’ve got my money,” but what they didn’t realize is that this is only the start of their problems. With the investment, the managing of someone else’s money becomes a significant responsibility, along with the pressure this brings.

Innovation is a tricky business, not for the faint of heart. It requires resilience, persistence, tenacity, and inner strength because an innovator swims against the current and disrupts. Humans have a natural tendency to flock toward the familiar, the well understood, and the proven paths to achieving an objective. Innovation turns that upside down, and we enter the realm of failure. Anything that humans create that is groundbreaking, new, transformational, and innovative is, by definition, risky, uncertain, unproven, and carries a significant risk of failure.

The word ‘innovation’ has been applied frequently in a broad range of contexts, often without a clear understanding of it is and how leadership envisions it. Innovation is a more insidious word than you might think – a word that represents terrific things but can also evoke sensations of fatigue and anxiety. One of the critical challenges for organizations is knowing how to ensure their capacity for development isn’t killed by ‘innovation stress.’

Innovators and entrepreneurs don't just need financial resources; they need layers of support that help them maintain their physical and mental health. We need to create a much more supportive and nurturing investment community that invests in these essential support systems that play a vital role in the success of a new idea.The investor community needs to put people and profit on an equal footing. Healthy minds mean healthy profits. If you look after your team and look after your people, the money will eventually come.