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Surviving Innovation Workbook (First Edition)


In Production
Available In 2021

Mental health issues for innovators and entrepreneurs has becoming a growing problem. The growing pressure is because of the level of the high levels of competition, the accelerating speed and pace of change in the modern world, and expectations that new ideas my exceed and surpass such innovation giants as Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Samsung, Intel, Coca-Cola, and Walmart.

Tolhurst and O'Conner (2018) carried out a study and found close to half of the startup founders felt that they were under constant extreme pressure in growing their business. 25% of them said the pressure of growing their business had affected their mental health and have suffered in silence.

This book is a recovery guide for mental health professionals, innovators, and entrepreneurs. This guide offers no-nonsense, practical advice to help navigate the process of innovation while maintaining your mental health along the way. You’ll learn and put into practice powerful innovation survival tools, techniques, and strategies.

Working as an innovation thought leader and product management in a diverse corporate and startup settings taught me the importance of maintaining my mental health through work-life balance, self-care, and knowing when to move onto the next opportunity when all hope of transformation and innovation is lost.

The cumulative effect of stress, failure, corporate project derailment, and toxic work environments me over two decades ultimately transformed my recovery journey into a life mission of personally helping others recovering from mental health setbacks from attempting to innovate.

My clinical psychology skills, coaching, entrepreneurship, and real-world corporate experience fit naturally with this mission, and I decided to research and put together this workbook with survival tools, techniques, and strategies to protect your mental health.