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Sword Nation-House of Rahilius
A. J. Ross, author
Seventeen year old Lincoln Wolfe is set to marry the princess when his world is turned upside down. A ship from the neighboring planet Kayora arrives with passengers fleeing enslavement by the Prime Minister and infamous pirate Rahilius. When Rahilius's demands for the return of the stolen vessel are ignored, he kills the Ruler of the Grii, kidnaps the princess and declares war on Graiis! Lincoln learns the necessary skills to kill Rahilius, while the princess sheds propriety and uses her hidden talents to fight for her own survival. Meanwhile, a Southern City rebel seeks to spark a revolution and free the enslaved people of Kayora. One hero. One warrior. One rebel. Three paths converge to start one Holy war against the Kayorian Empire, but Rahilius is more than he seems, and underestimating him will come at great costs.