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Systems Development: A Task Oriented Approach
Ashok Sharma, author
The book discusses the art of system development to equip the developer and the user community to identify, specify and create more robust and quality systems that are easier to maintain, test and refine. As the development process is shrouded in technical, intricate, and mystical details & dogmas, an Evangelical leadership among team members is suggested throughout. The book offers conceptual foundations along with design principles and practices for the development process. The down to earth approach of spirituality at work is seamlessly incorporated into each chapter, ultimately forms a coherent model, emphasizing ethical values and virtues for the work culture in the organization. It is written for present student’s and manager’s standpoint to help them understand thoroughly the value of team work and the oneness of thought and action amidst diversity. The book combines spirituality and real-world systems development and can be considered as practical life-guide at work. The book discusses change management quality concepts frequently. Throughout the book, great emphasis is placed on “Thinking and understanding of Systems and Life” as both are equally important, otherwise they can go awry and out of kilter. The book helps in changing habits for imbibing ethical and moral values for individual benefit, leading to organizational development. The book is definitely an inspirational work, guaranteed to bring sea change in human perception and attitude towards his/her total mind, body and spiritual development. The book rouses the inward vision as I believe my writing is coming by the grace of God, to absorb that Science and Spirituality are one and the same thing-- one viewed from the subjective phenomenon another with the objective phenomenon, running parallel just like the tracks of a railway train. It is advised to approach the book with high degree of modesty in order to derive colossal benefits.