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Years of observing human nature in many different situations led author Ruth C. Howard to adapt from her own experiences this story, her seventh novel “Table for Eight,” which follows four couples from completely different backgrounds and from completely different areas of the country who meet on a cruise, highlighting passage through the Panama Canal. Eight different personalities share the same table in the ship’s dining room. Their differences lead to the development of many story lines, including death(s), an unusual funeral, a variety of musical scenarios and romance. At the end, the eight have become five plus—but how—and why? Only reading the story will answer the questions. "The story of ‘Table for Eight’ deals directly with three prejudices active in today’s social hierarchy—racial, sexual and spousal abuse,” says Howard on her book’s relevance in today’s society. She believes that this latest story stands out among so many others through its focus on the development of the characters and the growth of their interpersonal relationships, and by its examination of different views into the lives of each of the characters as they deal with similar experiences. She also hopes that her understanding of human nature may entice readers to read more of her works.