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Tales from the Land of Forever: The Bookkeepers Portal
B.A. Keating, author
Life didn’t seem like it could get any worse for 10 year old Sarah George after the sudden death of her father. But when she stumbles across an old book in the manor library and is somehow magically transported to a far-off and enchanted land, Sarah is soon proved horribly wrong. An action-packed, thrilling adventure story that will be sure to delight young readers for many years to come.

This is a wonderful tale of friendship and adventure. Sarah is dealing with some upsets in her life including the sudden loss of her father when she discovers a portal to a different, fantastic world.

Once there she discovers new friends and goes on an epic, amazing, frightening quest where she discovers the amazing things she is capable of.

The author brings us into this new, wonderful world then leaves us on the edge of our seats the rest of the way. It's an amazing adventure that will be enjoyed by any young reader. The relationships of the characters feel genuine and the read is thrilling from the beginning until the end.

A five star story that will fit in every youth's library.