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Tears in the Wind
An Extraordinary True Adventure Story In this riveting account of an expedition to climb Denali, the author describes how a childhood fascination with mountaineering led to the adventure of a lifetime. As an average middle-aged guy, he began mountain climbing as a pastime, eventually signing on with a guided group to attempt an ascent of Denali. Formerly called Mt. McKinley, Denali is the highest peak in North America and well known for its vicious winds and dreadfully cold weather. During an expedition that was both triumphant and tragic, the team experienced the full force of the mountain’s fury. They were forced to face life and death on terms that had a lasting effect on each of them. This is a rare peek into a world often shrouded in glamor and mystery. More than a description of the climb, this is an introspective look at the physical and mental demands of climbing a high mountain, and it provides thoughtful insight on the impact that this amazing adventure had on Larry and his family and friends. Come along on a journey from armchair to the top of the continent, and share in the drama of this epic journey.
Semento, a circuit judge in central Florida, turns his attention to mountaineering in this rugged account of scaling Denali, the highest peak of North America, which for him is a diversion from the courtroom. Semento first explains the joy of hiking up trails in the Great Smoky Mountains. He geared up as a member of a three-man team to challenge Mt. Rainier in 1994, which he labeled “the most physically demanding and rewarding endeavor until that time.” The heart of the book is his climbing of Denali (formerly known as Mt. McKinley) in Alaska in 1998; in straightforward prose, he describes training for frigid conditions, enduring strenuous physical workouts, securing the right gear and crew, and undertaking the perilous expedition itself, with dangerous crevasses, whiteouts, and avalanches. While acknowledging the tragedy of one death in their party on the Denali adventure, Semento celebrates the physical courage and emotional significance of the climb in his life and the lives of his crew, mirroring the major turning points in his legal career. (BookLife)