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Susan Arden
Tempted (Playing the Edge Book 1)
Susan Arden, author
At the top of the Wall Street food chain, Graham is wealthy, privileged, and harbors a secret vice no one would ever suspect. Unyielding and intense, when he sets his sights on a target, he refuses to relent until he takes possession of what interests him. After a chance encounter in a yoga studio, Eliza most definitely becomes his next sought after acquisition. After he opens the door to his private world to appease his appetite for Eliza's innocent nature, what he discovers proves seismic. Immutable. His insatiable hunger to dominate her increases tenfold. So consuming, he teaches her what it means to play her edge including irrevocably submitting to his control. Graham's exotic dark eyes see through the walls Eliza has painstakingly erected after surviving years of childhood abuse. In his presence, she discovers the deepest part of her soul no longer seeks to hide. Within his powerful presence, her defenses are stripped away, unlocking her inner hunger to be dominated. When he extends an offer, giving her hours to decide, she's forced to choose between a safe and boring life or leaping into a lifestyle she knows little about with a man whose possessive nature isn't easily set aside.
Bookworm Betties

"★✩★✩★ 5+ Dude can Tempt ME Anytime ;) Stars ★✩★✩★ These characters had me captivated right from the beginning; the chemistry between them jumped clean off the pages, yet their personalities clashed at times causing some heated encounters. Graham saw the submissive in Eliza, even if she didn't, and would stop at nothing to get her exactly where he wanted her. The man knew no boundaries when it came to getting what he wanted and was just the kind of dirty-sexy-dominating that I wholeheartedly drool for. " Jenn at Bookworm Betties