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Widower Jason Bender moves into The Southern Towers Apartments with two goals. The first is to finally retire and enjoy the rest of his life. The second is to carry out a task assigned to him by his old friend and mentor General Robert Hotchkiss. Unfortunately, the job Robert has assigned to him takes up more time and attention than he originally anticipated and the pleasure of retirement takes a back seat. Jason finds himself drawn more and more into the web of a terrorist cell with connections to his new place of residence. In the meantime, Jason becomes the object of attention to the many widows who populate the Towers. He, however, is attracted to only one-- a former nun-- and he quickly finds himself juggling his desire to spend time with her and the time and attention required by his obligation to his country, as represented by Robert. The duality of his interests and obligations lead finally to their natural conclusions, but not without terror and danger rearing their ugly heads along the way.