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The 4 Foundations of Love
Mor Cohen, author

What makes a couple stay together and feel they have found the One? What makes a random encounter exceptional? How can you know if you have chosen the right person? And how can you avoid wasting precious time?


The guide “The 4 Foundations of Love” is based on a fascinating study, in which a great number of successful couples were interviewed for one purpose: to capture the essence of their unique relationship.What makes them keep loving their partner years after they’ve met, or even love them more.


According to an NLP model, these couples share the following 4 crucial foundations:


Rareness – the moment of realization that this is our destined partner.

Unwritten Agreement – the essence of words used instinctively and their impact on the quality of the relationship.

Sacred Bond – the relationship’s sacred element and the couple’s divine connection.

Future Dimension – the promise of a mutual future.


Hundreds of couples who have implemented this method in their relationships, have claimed that it has restored their sense of confidence and control, created intimacy and power, and elevated their relationship to a unique level of spirituality. Thus, you can reshape your relationship and take to it the next level with joy and ease: without overbearing conversations, without trying to convince your partner, without games, and without waiting for your partner’s cooperation.


This guide is for anyone who is interested in relationships, especially romantic ones; whether you have been dating someone special and want to take it onto passionate lasting love, or you are in a healthy, serious relationship you wish to improve, deepen and maintain. But it will also help you if you are in the midst of a relationship crisis and would like to prevent a breakup, or you a single person looking for love.

This book could also be helpful for therapists, and other professionals in related fields.  

The book has an attractive narrative and switches between theory and practical down to earth case histories which show in a genius way…. The reader will have a huge benefit reading the book because it will enlarge his horizon and will deepen his understanding of the dynamics that occur between people engaged in a romantic relationship - Reuven Peretz, Peretzcoaching ceter.

This book becomes extremely useful because it’s handing 4 well researched root causes which can contribute to having a satisfactory relationship – Adar Rotenberg, M.D Ph.D. 

I really loved reading the book. The author has spent so much time and effort in looking for the magic that keeps couples together and the result is her fabulous work. I warmly recommend it to people who appreciate a deep understanding of the human psyche and who have an open mind to see things from a less traditional perspective – Karen Roth, Ph.D. psychology