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The ABCs of Love: Learn How Couples Rekindle Desire and Get Happy Again
Are you stuck in a cycle of conflict where your recurring fights leave you feeling frustrated, sad, worried, or alone? Do you sometimes feel like enemies instead of allies, roommates instead of partners? Do your efforts to resolve your issues lead to even more fighting? Whether you’re young or old, gay or straight, dating or about to celebrate your 50th anniversary, it’s time to have some fun and learn from the vignettes, tools, and skill-building exercises in The ABCs of Love. Get unStuck and start moving again!
Brent Atkinson, Ph.D, Director Couples Research Institute, author of Emotional I

A treasure trove of practical, sound ideas for helping couples improve virtually all aspects of their relationship. Diana's greatest gift is reminding us that it's acceptable to be human, fallible, and yes, even dysfunctional as long as we keep growing.

Diana Fosha, Ph.D., Director AEDP Institute, author of The Transformational Powe

I loved reading about Diana and Mikey, the author and her husband. We know them, we are them. We share in their less-than-fine moments and also witness their success in getting back on track, which makes the book very inspiring.

Stan Tatkin, Psy.D., MFT, Director PACT Institute, author of Wired for Love

Relationships should be fun, and with Diana Shulman's ABCs of Love, learning about and improving your relationship becomes not just painless but actually fun.