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  • 978-0984556304 B00GVLVMOU
  • 332 pages
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Bryna Kranzler
The Accidental Anarchist: From the Diaries of Jacob Marateck

Adult; History & Military; (Market)

THE ACCIDENTAL ANARCHIST is the true story of Jacob Mararteck, an Orthodox Jew who was sentenced to death three times in the early 1900s in Russia -- and lived to tell about it. He also happened to have been the author's grandfather, and the book is based on the diaries that Marateck began keeping in 1905, during the Russo-Japanese War. That was when he decided to overthrow the Czar...
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"This story is told by Bryna Kranzler, the granddaughter of Jacob Marateck. Ms. Kranzler’s captivating writing technique envelops the reader with Marateck’s magnetic personality.

These conversations, events that should have been muddied by the ravages of time and history, are rewritten with incredible detail and exquisite narrative that pushes the reader ever-onward, hanging upon baited breath with each sentence. Yet between Marateck’s notes and Ms. Kranzler’s consistent ability to wrap it into moving prose, this memoir reads much more like a thrilling novel. In some cases, truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

Marateck bares his heart through his carefully detailed notes. They become a symphony representing a brilliant, singularly valiant human life enveloped within the loving care of the author’s loving dedication. The Accidental Anarchist begins with a powerful allegro of youth, in which Marateck throws his life about in a careless affront to its sacred value."
--New York Journal of Books

"The Accidental Anarchist is a profound testament to the power of faith, and to the continued survival of the Jewish people."
--Elie Wiesel

"It's a remarkable story about a remarkable character by a remarkable writer." 
--Bel Kaufman, author, Up the Down Staircase (and granddaughter of Sholem Aleichem)

"The Accidental Anarchist" ... reads and feels like a great novel... [N]o Hollywood screenwriter could ever invent such an extraordinary tale..."
--Robert Avrech, Emmy Award-winning screenwriter

"...The adventures in this novel are many, and unforeseen... It's all part and parcel of the book's captivating plot that gets a big boost from the writing and the characterization."

"A story of the chaotic times of Eastern Europe in the 1900s, The Accidental Anarchist is a riveting read about one of the truly unique characters and stories of history that is not often heard about."
--Midwest Book Review

"A splendid, highly-recommended companion piece for students confronting the late-19th & early-20th century pivotal point in modern world history… It is an extension of the heart of ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT, the soul of searing Gulag writings & the pathos and futility of CATCH-22--suffused at every turn with the grit and wit of mendicant Judaism." 
--Herman Mast III, Emeritus, Department of History, UCONN

"It is somewhat of a miracle that this book even exists. Written from the more than one hundred year old diaries of her grandfather, Bryna Kranzler has captured an amazing story of survival, certain but somehow avoidable death, dire conditions of climate, hunger on the verge of starvation, all taken with humor and conviction...

From the diaries of a man who took the time to write an impossible history, all true, exciting and devastating."
--Dick Lofton, Endpaper Review

"...The Accidental Anarchist is told from Jacob's point of view, and his dry wit is evident throughout, leaving the reader with a sense of optimism even amid war, starvation, and imprisonment..."
--ForeWord Review

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Kindle Edition eBooks Details
  • 978-0984556304 B00GVLVMOU
  • 332 pages
  • $18.00