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The Age Of Uterine Law
For me to write well, it helps to be really angry. Although I had several letters printed in the Chicago Tribune years ago, I’d given up on the power of print media, both in giving me an opportunity to speak or any effect it could possibly have. But in October 2016, I sent a Letter to the Editor to our local daily newspaper, the Journal, in Martinsburg, West Virginia. When I got a call back saying it would be printed the following week, I was hooked. Starting in February 2017, I’ve had a scheduled spot in their “Sunday Forum” Op-Ed section 26 weeks a year as a Local Columnist. Writing these regular columns has forced me to organize my thoughts, and sometimes I don’t even have to be really angry to do it anymore. This book is an archive of those commentaries in chronological order of publication by the Journal and is divided into Part 1 and Part 2 for a reason. The column that I submitted about Charlottesville was the only article that was rejected by the Journal Editor. Invoking the definition of “Local Columnist” as a writer who covers subjects and events involving local issues, I was asked to limit my writing to events or issues specific to West Virginia. Part 1 consists of the articles I wrote before the Charlottesville event in August 2017. Part 2 is the collection of articles I wrote after that. Rather than to sense that I’d been censored, I have tried to connect the local to the universal. The unpublished piece I wrote about Charlottesville, “On Many Sides,” is included in the Epilogue, along with the two Letters to the Editor that started me writing again.
Baltimore Sun Reader Responses

Responses from Uterine Law Op-ed after its publication in the Baltimore Sun

“Your Op-ed a Sun is the very best expressed support for women's rights that I have read. It was strong, clear, fiery, and outraged as it should have been. I think it should be a rallying cry for the nation and a word anthem for Planned Parenthood which deserves our fervent support. I will be sharing this with many people. Thank you for your expression on this important subject.”

“Your commentary " The age of uterine law," needs to be available and handed out as well, in every institution, community center, and republished In every state in the union.”

“Thank you for so clearly making the case for equal rights and responsibilities for men and women; that's women This is a must-read for all people.”

“Your op-ed was brilliant. The best essay I have read in a long time.” 

 “Thank you so much for the article.  It was sent to me from my sister, and I passed it along to some friends and family, who all feel a bit like we're living in a real-life Handmaid's Tale. “

“Keep up the good work. Perhaps my 10-year-old granddaughter will have control over her body.”