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The Ageless Wisdom (As Embodied in Thirukkural)
Thirukkural is an ancient Tamil literature. It covers all aspects of human life. It has been translated into 38 languages of the world. In English alone, there are more than 50 translations of Thirukkural. It emphasizes that virtue and righteousness should be the basis of all human endeavors. It is considered as a practical guide to the “Art of Living”. The book is secular in nature. The ideas of Thiruvalluvar are eternally valid and universally applicable. Dr. Prabhakaran is an avid enthusiast of Thirukkural. He has extensively lectured on Thirukkural in the USA and in India. He has organized an International Conference on Thirukkural in the Washington D.C. area in 2005. He has been writing essays on Thirukkural. In his essays, he compares the ideas of Thiruvalluvar against ancient philosophers and scholars like Socrates, Confucius, Aristotle, Marcus Aurelius and modern thinkers like Albert Sweitzer, Peter Drucker, Steven Covey, and many others. Recently, his essays have been published as a book, “The Ageless Wisdom” by Emerald Publishing, Chennai, India.