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J.E. Gadd
The Amity Kids and the Temple of Abaddon
J.E. Gadd, author
What happens when a small, motley group of adolescents become embroiled in a struggle to save their peaceful homeland from a slow, systematic and deliberate menace? The pre-historic South Pacific island of Amity is secretly invaded by a small malicious crew of exiles from a distant star system. Sicarius, the leader of the exiles, realizes that the inhabitants of Amity were settled on the island eons ago by a galactic monarch; the same sovereign that cast him and his minions into exile. Using the superior technology of his star freighter, Sicarius plans to bring an eternity of anguish on the inhabitants of the primitive island. It's up to Princess Esther and the guardians of the island's inhabitants to discover how to stop the invaders. The princess soon realizes that a small, young, tight-knit group of prankish companions become invaluable in the fight for freedom from Sicarius and his malicious plan.