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Dean Klein
The Amulet Part One: Relic ASIN: B006MH4BRI
Dean Klein, author


The Amulet is a very high-concept (three-part) Christian thriller. Inspired by the great and classic film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and the single most mysterious line in all the gospels, the novel required four years to write. Following is a precis of the first part of this three-part work of fiction:

In 1947, a monumental archeological discovery is made near the ruins of a previously unknown and long-extinct Jewish community. An ancient relic is found. To the shock of everyone that sees it, it appears not to have aged a day in thousands of years. For decades subsequent to its discovery, the find is kept hidden, knowledge of its existence never made public. Yet, one day, something inexplicable happens causing its private owner to become terrified of it. He hurriedly contacts the Israeli Antiquities Authority, informing this organization of what he possesses, the existence of something that defies description. The IAA laughs at him, only reluctantly accepting his donation. Two months pass. During that time, to the IAA's sheer astonishment, it determines the relic dates to Israel of the first-century. But, even more incredibly, the IAA is stunned and scared to realize it exhibit supernatural properties.

One night, in an underground laboratory in which the antiquity is being examined, the worst screams ever heard in human history reverberate throughout the building. Armed guards nervously enter the room, their gun hands shaking. What they find cannot be explained. And the relic is missing, lost to the IAA forever.

Thirteen years after these events, unrelenting nightmares beset Emanuel Tov in the United States. In these dreams, he is told to go to Israel for a reason he does not know. Leaving his family astounded at his abrupt decision to attend an Orthodox seminary in Jerusalem, it is there he learns of the existence of something that, according to his frightened rabbi, 'should not exist...something that scares me to my soul.' Emanuel's only path to understand what is happening to him is to attempt to study the deadly relic even at the risk of his own life. And what he finds written on it nearly drowns him in fear and hysteria. Now deeply afraid of it, he leaves the room vowing never to return. But the relic's hold on him is unbreakable, drawing him back, drawing him in, compelling Emanuel to accept an incredible - unimaginable - fate.