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Carolyn CJ Jones
Author, Contributor
The Art of Forgiveness: A Promise of Peace

Forgiveness is an art form. Once you practice this art and the methods described in this book, a world of peace opens to you. What you begin to feel inside is reflected on the outside. In other words, your life around you mirrors your inner peace. As you read this heart-warming and inspirational tale about the author's journey to wholeness, you access gratitude, compassion, and forgiveness and practice these frequently. The results are a life lived in deep peace, freedom, gratitude and positivity.

Other Benefits You Gain Include…

  • Hope and positivity in your situation and life in general
  • Immediate lightness, as rocks of resentment fall out of the backpack you've been carrying
  • Fresh eyes with which to see and resolve your guilt or remorse
  • The practices of gratitude and compassion that create forgiveness for others
  • A path to empowerment that allows you to be centered, authentic, and strong

As psychology professor Wil Dieck says, "...pick up and read this book. It will change your life."

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"From 'The Art of Forgiveness,' you gain skills to grow beyond resentment to healing and forgiving. These tools bring peace to you and your relationships, especially the one with your mate, so you can resolve differences and live in harmony."  

~ Dr. John Gray, Ph.D.,  Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus

"The 'Art of Forgiveness' is a complete guidebook on moving from playing the blame game to living in a place of real forgiveness. CJ illustrates her book with touching, personal stories of how she has used forgiveness to take her from a well of depression into a world of light. If you, or someone you know, would like to change your life's outlook to one of openness, forgiveness and self-acceptance, then pick up and read this book. It will change your life."  

Wil Dieck, Speaker, Author, and Psychology Professor


"It is the stories CJ shares in 'The Art of Forgiveness' that reveal her humanity. In this sharing, she grants you permission to explore your own humanity without shame or humiliation, but rather, with curiosity. As a retired psychotherapist of forty years and a current wellness business coach, I found in CJ's book an approach that facilitates healing from wounds that lead to anger and resentment. Hers is a gentle and compassionate approach to deal with these feelings that may be consuming your life. In the process of exploring, you discover forgiveness and this leads you to great peace and freedom."

~ Iris Stallworth-Grayling, LMFT (Ret), Women's Empowerment Mentor Coach


"This book is clear, fun, and powerful. CJ Jones uses her personal story of transformation to illustrate her YIPPEE Method of changing resentment into empowerment, and simultaneously shares expertise in the psychology and spirituality of forgiveness. Reading this book helped me develop my existing forgiveness skills to a much higher level and finally release the negative emotions that had bothered me for many years."

~ Ivan Galperin, Student, Reader 

"I found her story compelling and hard to put down! The Art of Forgiveness is a comprehensive guide to navigate you past resentments that may be preventing you from having peace. CJ explores the pain these resentments play in your life, then uses her YIPPEE Method as a guide to get past them to discover peace."

~ Pattie Meizis, Retired Entrepreneur


"The intimacy of her writing style draws you into the healing process that comes with forgiveness."

Linda Diane Wattley, Entrepreneur


"Carolyn shares powerfully, deeply and authentically in her book as she takes us on a powerful and heart-felt journey through anger, resentment and into a place of forgiveness and peace."

~ Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Motivational Speaker, Community Leader


"I found myself applauding her honesty and authenticity as she struggled to get a handle on her life."

~ Erlys Jedlicka, Gazette Editor

"'The Art of Forgiveness' allowed me to realize the power and freedom of forgiveness. It has helped me immensely!"

~ Sarah Faith Walton, Reader, Entrepreneur

"CJ makes it clear how much time, energy, and even our well-being, are sacrificed to holding resentments. The technique she has developed to help us forgive others, as well as ourselves, can truly bring peace."

~ Becky, Personal Wellness Consultant