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The Atlantis Twins
Seventeen-year-old Alysa Grey is certain her lost twin sister is still alive even though Hawaii Search and Rescue gave up years ago. Meanwhile, Alysa’s bizarre ability to heal herself seems more curse than blessing. When she meets Nate, a handsome surfer, he presents the opportunity for pre-summer escape. Alysa convinces her best friend to sneak away to Hina where Nate lives with a mysterious group called The Ocean Alliance. But Nate is not what he seems and Alysa ends up on a dangerous voyage. She learns that her unusual powers and lost sister are connected to a sinister force determined to destroy her. As she uncovers her dark past, Alysa learns that sometimes it's much easier to be lost than found. The fate of the world's oceans will depend on her embracing the truth no matter how painful.