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N. J. Lujan
The Atropos Maker II: A New Order
N. J. Lujan, author
Two Men Love Her The Dark World Fears Her Now, only she can lead the Atropos team out from harrowing tunnels before it is too late and another child dies. So begins the chase as the hunted Atropos turns the page to become yet again hunters in this sinister world of terrorists and child sex traffickers. Meet Norma Veurr In a dark world, the world’s most feared covert agent is summoned to lead Atropos once again in order to save a little boy named Charlie. But not before she endures a pain that just may destroy her before it is all over. This may very well be the mission that ends Atropos as they know it, and a new order will emerge. “When we accepted this life, we knew it would come with a price…Still, there are times when that cost will deplete the soul as it has mine. It leaves you wondering if the price was too much.” Who will pay the ultimate price to find Charlie?
In a near-future United States with advanced technology, Middle Eastern jihadist terrorist groups plague the nation. Fresh off their successful, though costly, last mission, the covert government squad Atropos, named for the Greek goddess of fate, face their next challenge: terrorist-led child sex-trafficking rings in Iraq. And it’s personal: they have history with one of the perpetrators and happen to know one of the victims. Meanwhile, Atropos’s leaders—Norma and Alex Veurr—are aging (“now in their mid-40s”), and their son Alexander is eager to take over leading the squad. But will Nyx, a mysterious and beautiful new neighbor in his luxury condo building, interfere with the family’s plans for Alexander’s future?

The plot careens between spy thriller, family drama, and American nationalism at full tilt. Readers will sometimes be tripped up by editing oversights like incomprehensible sentences (“Zen soon turns ruffled at the thought that his impulsive craving may leave an undesirable outcome”), confusing diction (“admirably” used for “admiringly”), and a conflation of ancient Greece and Rome, two distinct cultures treated interchangeably. And this book is for mature audiences only, given its graphic depictions of violence and sexual assault—and even the good guys use homophobic slurs, which may put off some readers.

Yet Lujan provides plenty of heart-pounding twists and turns throughout, and makes family history clear enough that new readers can dive in without having read the previous volume. The Atropos team takes on high-stakes situations both professional and personal (generational tensions, revelations of family secrets, conflicts between love and work), kicking ass all the while. Thriller fans who don’t mind graphic scenes or the book’s politics, and can overlook the language issues, will find this a fun ride.

Takeaway: Though at times confusing and jingoistic, this intense thriller delivers an action-packed punch.

Great for fans of: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series, Joel C. Rosenberg’s JB Collins novels.

Production grades
Cover: C+
Design and typography: B+
Illustrations: N/A
Editing: C
Marketing copy: B-

Author and Army Veteran Releases Second Book in Action Thriller Series

RALEIGH, N.C. (PRWEB) October 10, 2020

Author N.J. Lujan has released “The Atropos Maker II: A New Order,” a gripping, high-octane thriller that takes readers on a heart-pounding mission through dark tunnels and bunkers to find a kidnapped boy named Charlie before it's too late.

Her name is Norma Veurr. After spending five years behind a desk as the director of the agency, Norma is compelled to take the lead of the Atropos team once again, but not before she pays for the death of a terrorist leader. Worse, it’s in their hometown of Washington, DC. Soon the director of the agency uncovers who is behind the hunt for Atropos when she and members of Atropos are captured. She is brutally tortured and death comes to someone close to her heart.

It is only after defeating her captors, while in a deep state of loss, that she learns that a missing boy is a missing link to this ghastly retaliation. So begins the chase as the hunted Atropos turns the page to become yet again hunters in this sinister world of terrorists and child traffickers.

In writing “The Atropos Maker,” Lujan drew from her own experience serving in the army. As a woman trained in Tactical Army Combat Systems, she felt strongly compelled to write a story with a strong female protagonist to pay tribute to the pivotal role women play in U.S. military and government agency success.

"Lujan's writing is as sharp as ever, with next to no wasted words." wrote IndieReader in their 4.6-star review. IR Verdict: A NEW ORDER is a solid sequel to N.J. Lujan's first book and a high-octane political thriller that trots the globe, from Iraqi Kurdistan to the mean streets of urban America.

"Lujan's hard-hitting story..." wrote Kirkus Reviews, then added "The hunt for terrorists as well as the search for Charlie sparks an unwavering narrative pace. Kirkus Reviews Verdict: "An entertaining, if sometimes bewildering, action tale that moves at a steady clip."

"The plot is irresistible and the visual writing makes you feel like you are there, punching alongside the team," wrote an Amazon reviewer.

With themes of survival, brotherhood, family, and duty, “The Atropos Maker” is an unforgettable sequel to an action-packed thriller series that will leave readers highly anticipating the forthcoming third sequel.

“The Atropos Maker II: A New Order”
By N.J. Lujan