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The Authentic Sale: A Goddess's Guide to Business
We have all heard of women expressing fear regarding moving into a sales role: “Oh, I could never be in sales.” Many of us are, or have been, in administrative and service roles where we’ve won and supported the sale only to watch someone else take the credit. Others of us have gone through divorces, single parenthood, and the economic hell that has catapulted us out of our fear and into a place of career action. We all sell in one way or another. We sell to our friends, peers, and customers—directly and indirectly—in any business setting. Written by a professional salesperson, sales director, and coach, this book is aimed at helping women who feel apprehensive about moving into a sales role, or businesswomen who would like techniques and tools to improve their sales confidence. It is a sales methodology written for women as a response to the vast majority that were written by male authors, and historically, for male salespeople. The Authentic Sale is about empowering women through coaching and traditional sales techniques and by building upon their authentic behavioral styles. The author's goal is to show every woman that she can become a Sales Goddess, in all circumstances.
Cohen-First, a sales coach, seeks to empower women to pursue successful sales careers in a business guide that emphasizes the importance of one’s own “authentic behavioral style.” Drawing on wisdom culled from professional and educational experiences, the author encourages female readers to go from supporting roles to the front lines, in part by tapping into the power represented by Greek goddesses, such as “Athena the Wise” and “Demeter the Primordial.” In Cohen-First’s opinion, the prevailing wisdom about the field is from and geared toward men, but women also have unique strengths they can bring to sales. Aiming to help readers overcome challenges, she explores how to tap into one’s authentic self and dedicates a chapter to the foundations of solid business practices, namely product knowledge, time management, and preparation. She quickly moves on to harder-to-acquire skills such as taking control, handling objections, dealing with customer expectations, and moving the sale forward. Cohen-First’s writing style is personal, familiar, and colloquial, not the standard authoritative voice that most how-to guides employ, and her book has plenty of astute suggestions to provide. (BookLife)