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The Balancing Game
Al Letne, a brilliant psychiatrist, has his life irrevocably altered by his role in a tragedy that befalls his colleague and intellectual superior, Greg Entel. From a wheelchair in his isolated room, Greg manipulates Al’s guilt to his own ends. Al is awarded benefits from each of the favors he does for Greg including getting a prestigious job, a relationship with a beautiful woman, and authorship of a controversial yet successful book … but Al’s guilt is really tested when Greg asks him to do the unthinkable, to take someone's life. The book is driven by overarching ideas about religion, psychology, and modern self-help culture and it espouses the notion that everything in life is balanced including sorrow and joy. The manuscript was adapted into a screenplay and the first act won a Project Blue Light Award. Other Press LLC described the manuscript as "brilliant," "realistic," "smart," "compelling," and "psychologically insightful."