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The Bear, the Bull, and the Child of Light
The story takes place in 6350 BC in the land we now call Turkey. The tumultuous changes that were taking place around the Mediterranean are seen here through the eyes of a boy who was born into a family of hunter-foragers. While still young, Tuli is enslaved and taken to live among the obsidian masters of Catalhoyuk, a settlement of some 8,000 people that becomes more baffling as archaeological technologies become more precise. As he moves from one world into another, Tuli becomes acutely aware of the differences in how the people of these two worlds live and die, and what they hold dear.
Calvin Luther Martin, author of The Way of the Human Being, Yale

" . . . beautifully told and ethnologically accurate."

Ian Hodder, excavator of Catalhoyuk

"Plausible and true to the facts . . . The story is great and very absorbing."

Kirkus Reviews

"A long-ago world comes fully alive in this richly imagined tale."