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George Wray
The Becoming Years 18 to 28

Children/Young Adult; Self-Help & Relationships; (Market)

THE BECOMING YEARS 18 to 28 This conversational book is for keen and striving young people between 18 and 28. - and for those wandering and wondering. It details 30 different subjects relating to young people working to achieve self direction - endeavoring to change from the dependent direction imposed for 18 years while growing up. The 18 years of being dependent, takes 10 years to change and become a fully self directed person. It takes 10 years to get over being a kid - from 18 to 28. This book takes them through the thoughts they need to experience during these years, to make sure it happens. This book deals with this next development in human life. Just as growing up physically must normally be done from birth to 18 years of age, achieving self direction is the next natural and necessary development in a human's life that must normally happen within the ten years after 18, if it is to be ever achieved. The book describes the importance of self direction as the power which human persons must develop, to come to understand the 'why' of their life. The book discusses the added problems in achieving this power of self direction that confront everyone after 18 in being thrust from their known personal world into an impersonal world never experienced. The author has taught students at universities over a span of 50 years from 18 year old college students to young professionals in MBA programs. Topics include: Why it takes 10 years to get over being a kid; On loving what you are born with – but what if you don't?; The engineering of luck; Managing your mind – knowing how to think the thoughts you want; Confronting the rocks of genetics in personalities; When will you know that you have grown-up?- a test; Managing what people expect from you – creating the one reputation you really want; The pixel people in your life taking the shine off your humanity; Is it your nature to be a professional?; Fundamentals of trusting people you recently met; Managing your Internet exposure; What you know about everyone you have never met; What people really want from you – a cross-cultural constant; A keyhole to understanding personality – look for the organizing power of fear; Joining the traffic of impersonal humanity – leaving the road of growing up; On being unique – you are a song that only you can sIng.
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"Superb - should be assigned reading in high school and early in college""

In the late 16th century France, de Montaigne, a nobleman and governmental official, invented an epistolary literary genre by recognizing one's humanity, by escaping the ego and subliminating one's accomplishments. He penned over a hundred short essays, asking the question: How should one live?' He sought how to live the good and honorable life, probing in a discursive way "the major complexities of existence."  Called "the best friend you've ever had" Montaigne's "Essays" have stood the test of time, but regrettably they will not be read by the younger set.

In "The Becoming Years - 18 to 28", George Wray, lawyer, entrepreneur, educator, returns to the de Montaigne genre with a modern, readable, highly personal series of "Essays" offeref in calm, friendly advice to the young person whom he has taught and guided for years. His thirty (30) short pointed chapters are discursive, not preachy;  the young reader is asked to take charge of his or her life by becoming a "a self directing creature of your own free will."Without sugar coating, they are told they are "entering an impersonal world," of big change."  "you were given a body off the rack, *** So what is the point of further discussion?" *** Be happy with yourself and people will follow in kind." In one chapter in dealing with the need of the young to deal with the personal details of work, he uses an entertaining example of his roommate in Madras, India comparing work to peeling an orange: "drill down and experience every detail, So no skin is left on the orange."

This mature and sensible work for the young is senitive to the vulnerable and impressionable in a language they will understand and respect. It should be suggested reading reading in high school or college."

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