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The Best That Can Happen: The Grand Trek ebook

Adult; Memoir; (Market)

During her senior year of high school, Kathleen worked at Horst and Harriet Haenert’s Pine Grove Farms just outside Scales Mound, Illinois (population under 400, not on every map) and a far cry in every way from her urban upbringing. One morning after Kathleen's high school graduation, Harriet speculated that the next winter could be especially hard on him. As a joke, Kathleen suggested riding him to her sister’s farm in Arizona. Harriet went to get an atlas. The idea of The Grand Trek was born. It took a while before The Trekkers – Jack, a National Champion Trail horse, Murphy, a horse with a spotty history as saddle horses go, and Country Boy, a Boxer dog who had a lot of learning to do to fulfill his role as The Pawed Protector – departed from the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. to hit the road to California. People asked often enough about The Grand Trek that Kathleen resorted to writing some of its more interesting days before, during and after. The result is The Best That Can Happen: The Grand Trek. Available as EPUB and MOBI.

Melissa H., Hartford, CT

“This book let me live vicariously Kathleen’s dream of adventurously traveling through the U.S. by horseback with her Boxer dog, Country Boy. I felt as if I was there with her, pondering the idea of this journey of a lifetime having its roots in her youth. She knows how to paint a picture in your mind, hooking you into her world, making you want to know more. A lovely read.’” - Melissa H, Hartford, CT