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H Doyle Smith
The Bible Is a Single Book
The Bible is more than just the collection of sacred texts. The Bible tells of God’s powers—God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent—and more. Most people think the Bible is simply a written recording of anecdotes of God and his interaction with humans and the testament of his power. But there is more to the Bible than just history of God’s greatness. Everything we need to know to be saved are all in the Bible. The scholars have excluded the apocrypha, supposedly preserving the teachings that are constant throughout the books in the Bible. This makes the Bible more than just the collection of the sacred texts from the days of God. The scholars have observed a system. The Bible Is a Single Book undertakes the project of explaining the outline and theme found in the Bible. This will pave way for readers to be further enlightened when studying the Bible for their salvation. One needs to immerse themselves in the Bible to gather profound understanding God, His words, and our salvation.