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Sid Shroff
The Big Jungle Family and The Invisible Wolf
Follow a group of jungle animals who team up to catch the Invisible Wolf. Tortoise comes up with a plan to use each animal's unique skills and abilities to trap the wolf. As the animals work together, readers will learn about different animal species and their behaviors in a fun and engaging way. Through the power of imagination and teamwork, the animals successfully catch the wolf, teaching young readers the importance of cooperation and collaboration. With new words to learn and a world of animals to explore, this book is perfect for curious young minds. For young curious readers who will learn: - exploring the world of animals through fiction - new words - using imagination - importance of team work With new words to learn and animals to meet, this children's book is perfect for curious minds who love to imagine! Description credits : Amanda K Dear Parents of preschoolers: read to your child with expression, do not hold back :) Have fun, exaggerate, be funny, and play with sounds/ voices while reading to help the child enjoy the story better. Perfect Children's book for ages 3-5 (Parents to read for children) Perfect Children's book for ages 5-8 (Children's to read)