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The Bipolar Addict
Conor Bezane, author
We are punks. We are poets. Musicians and artists. Professionals and intellectuals. We are drunk. High. Manic. Depressed. We almost died. And now… we are stable and sober. The Bipolar Addict: Drinks, Drugs, Delirium & Why Sober Is the New Cool provides an insider’s look into the world of those suffering from manic depression plus addiction. These true stories of survival, including the author’s own, offer insight into the oft-maligned world of mental illness, as well as a frequently overlooked, endlessly fascinating facet of the human condition. There are 5.7 million bipolar Americans and 60 percent of them are addicts. We are in splendid company, from the historical to the contemporary. Edgar Allan Poe. Vincent Van Gogh. Kurt Cobain. Amy Winehouse. Carrie Fisher. All bipolar. All addicts.