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P.S Bridge
The Black Nest
P.S Bridge, author
WHEN THE GOVERNMENT WANT TO CATCH A SNIPER, THERES ONLY ONE MAN THEY CAN CALL.. Mark King is worrying everyone. Nadia Moore, assassin and love interest to Mark, is concerned that his Post Traumatic Stress, and paranoia is risking his sanity and that he is potentially becoming too dangerous and unpredictable. Meanwhile, Agent Williams is on the trail of a mysterious terrorist known only as Aahil, the half-brother of Mohammed Al Azidi. Considered by intelligence agencies all over the world, as the world’s deadliest sniper, Aahil has stolen instructions from the UK on how to build a chemical weapon to unleash on the west. MI6 know that in order to catch a hitman, they need a hitman. There’s only one man they can call. Agent Williams and Interpol Agent Habiba Al-Haq, fresh from a firefight with Aahil, attempt to track down Mark King, who has disappeared, to persuade him to help them capture or take out Aahil. Can Agent Williams persuade Mark to take up the offer? The Director of MI6 thinks not but Williams can offer Mark a chance to get something he thought was lost to him forever. Is it time Mark gave up his guns for good before he completely loses his mind? He must face ex Nazi scientists, a familiar organisation and his own personal demons. Can he regain some control over reality and carry on before it gets him killed?