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Anthony Uzzo
The Blood Mark
Anthony Uzzo, author
The Blood Mark is a compelling story, of an Army veteran’s family that must overcome incredible danger and personal tragedies, in order to survive. Our story takes place and in the turbulent tornado ally of central Oklahoma. John Cloud is a decorated Army veteran who is debilitated by PTSD from his experiences in Iraq. His extended absences have alienated him from his wife and two daughters. ISIS has taken control of a large swath of Iraq and Syria. Mohammad Rafta a ruthless ISIS commander, who is emboldened to exact revenge for the death of his family. To do so, he and his merciless group travel to America leaving death in their wake. His mission killing the entire Cloud family. Carmella Ramirez and her young teenage daughter Angelina, are leaving their impoverished farm in Southern Mexico. They must endure a grueling trek north to Oklahoma, to try to reunite with their family. These women must confront horrific dangers, in their search of a better life. Joy Cloud, John Cloud’s youngest daughter, is the interim director of a women’s clinic in Oklahoma City. Her own traumatic experiences, distrust of men and broken relationship with her father, add to the worsening situation. Jason Moore and his mother Barbara Moore recently relocated to Oklahoma City. His job as a Police Detective has thrust him into unexpected situations and an improbable relationship. All must address their personal issues before they can confront their mortal threat. Unfortunately, a large toll will be taken. This fast-moving story, extracted from today’s headlines, intertwines all these characters, forcing each to make powerful choices to survive. Ultimately, it is a story of incredible suffering and the resilience of the human spirit.